The Dark Brotherhood has been one of the most attractive guilds in all of Old scrolls series. Having perfected the art of the sneaky, shady, stabbing assassin in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the joyous cruelty continued in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Watching the intended prey wander, completely oblivious to its own impending demise is a pleasure in itself. Then there’s the sheer, evil bliss of hearing that super-satisfying shock sound, confirming yet another successful stealth attack.

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And unlike specialized stealth games like Hitman, Solid metal gear, and Assassin’s Creed, there is no need to worry about cones of vision, hearing ranges and lighting. With the right gear setup, players can assassinate as they please in Skyrim without having to worry about finicky stealth mechanics.

Wrapped gloves

the door of the Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

These gloves are part of the Dark Brotherhood uniform and the Shrouded Armor set and deal double damage on one-handed sneak attacks. This effect stacks with the Assassin’s Blade perk, resulting in a huge 30x damage bonus.

The easiest way to acquire Wrapped Gloves is to join the Dark Brotherhood and collect a free pair from the Guild Sanctuary. They can also be found during the Dark Brotherhood missions “The Cure For Madness”, “Where You Hang Your Enemy’s Head” and “Destroy The Dark Brotherhood”.

Wrapped Boots

Argonian Assassin in Skyrim

Moving silently is vitally important to any assassin, and that’s exactly what the supple leather soles of the Shrouded Boots allow players to do. Although the game says they grant silent movement, that’s not entirely true. They just allow players to move very, very quietly, even when they’re not using stealth.

Wrapped Shoes also grant the exact same effect, but the bonus armor granted by Wrapped Boots is worth carrying the extra weight. Like Wrapped Gloves, Wrapped Boots can be found in the Dark Brotherhood Shrine and during various Dark Brotherhood missions.

Petrifying Augmented Dwarf Crossbow

a Nightingale assassin in Skyrim

This heavy crossbow has the highest base damage of any ranged weapon in the game, with the added bonus of ignoring 50% of a target’s armor. In the unlikely event that the target is not wiped out by the first attack, it has a 25% chance to cripple the target for 6 seconds, which should be plenty of time to finish it off before it blows up the cover. of the assassin.

The Crossbow can be purchased or crafted by talking to Sorine Jurard after completing the Ancient Tech quests, and the Paralysis enchantment can be added using an Arcane Enchanter.

Poison of paralysis, damage to health and persistent damage to health

Astrid sitting on shelves in Skyrim

Every weapon in Skyrim can be made more deadly by treating it with poison before an attack. Various ready-made poisons can be found throughout the game, but the most potent toxins must be concocted in an alchemy lab.

This poison deals two more layers of damage and keeps the target still if they survive the first hit. Find Mora Tapinella on fallen trees all over Skyrim and Imp stool in underground places like Chillwind Depths and Tolvald’s Cave. Human flesh is a rarer find, but it can be found on the bodies of Werewolf Savages and Falmer.

Mehrune’s razor

a male assassin in Skyrim

This deadly blade had its own DLC in Oversight, Whereas in Skyrim it is the object of a side quest in the main game (but which game is better?). It grants a small chance to instantly kill the target with each hit, which is obviously a huge boon for an assassin.

To start the quest, level up to level 20 or higher, then talk to Silus Vesuius inside his house / museum in Dawnstar. Once the weapon is reassembled, the player must kill Silus to obtain it.

The blade of misfortune

assassin with the blade of doom in Skyrim

The blade of doom is one of the few Old scrolls weapons to have its own very detailed history. It’s light and does great damage for a dagger, and its life-stealing enchantment comes in handy for assassins who don’t always maintain 100% stealth. But the main reason it ranks among the best Assassin Blades is its grim, dark history.

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It can be obtained by completing the Dark Brotherhood’s “Death Incarnate” quest or can be pickpocketed or looted from the Dark Brotherhood leader, Astrid.

Cicero’s clothes

Cicero in front of a cart in Skyrim

Cicero the Jester can be a pretty boring presence at the Dark Brotherhood Shrine, but beneath all the hysterical cries lurks a fascinating character. And if that’s not fascinating, at least useful. His clothes improve both merchant prices and one-handed attacks by 20%, the latter of which are very useful for assassins, the former providing an additional bonus.

How the player acquires Cicero’s clothes depends on whether or not he kills him during the mission “The Cure For Madness”. They can either be looted from his corpse or removed from his living body by a trained pickpocket.

Unparalleled Sneaking Ring Or Necklace

a murdered woman in Skyrim

None of SkyrimS unique necklaces and rings are especially useful when carrying out underground murderous acts, so an assassin’s best bet is to get their hands on powerful Soul Gems, hone their enchantment skills, and to go directly to the nearest Arcane Enchanter.

An assassin can never be too devious, so in the absence of useful unique trinkets, a cold-blooded slayer should polish his finest gold and silver adornments with as much stealth power as he can muster. Disenchanting unwanted magical items (rather than selling them) is a good way to quickly improve enchantment.

Unparalleled Illusion Ring Or Necklace

Assassin Khajiit in Skyrim

Why sneak in when invisibility is a possibility? While Middle-earth has the One Ring, which makes the wearer invisible the moment they put it on, Skyrim Unfortunately not. But it is possible to craft a ring (or necklace) that can increase illusion magic, which in turn can grant temporary invisibility.

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Illusion is by far the most useful school of magic for assassins, especially at high levels where the Invisibility spell is unlocked. Spells that prevent enemies from attacking can also be good for assassins, as can the Silent Casting perk, which allows the assassin to silently cast spells.

Ethereal Crown (with serpent and shadow blessings)

man wearing Cicero's clothes and an ethereal crown in Skyrim

While a dark hood or hood would seem to be the more obvious choice of headgear for an assassin, and not a large, shiny crown, the fact that the ethereal crown allows the wearer to receive two Standing Stone blessings at the same time. times makes it much better than any other. of the typical costume of the Dark Brotherhood.

Craft the crown at Aetherium Forge during Dawnguard’s quest, “Lost To The Ages”. The two best blessings for assassins are the Serpent Stone, located on an island east of Winterhold College, and the Shadow Stone, located south of Riften, near Nightingale Hall.

Petrifying Dragon Bone Bow

warrior with dragon bone bow in Skyrim

A dragonbone bow can have slightly lower base attack damage than an upgraded dwarf crossbow, but it’s a bit lighter, and when loaded with dragonbone arrows it has a more devastating punch.

It is possible to find a ready-made Dragonbone Bow on a Guardian’s corpse in Soul Cairn during the Dawnguard questline, but only if the player is level 45 or above. Otherwise, they must be crafted from dragon bone and ebony, a feat that requires level 100 in blacksmithing and the Dragon Armor perk. Then all he needs is a Paralysis Enchantment, and the Ultimate Assassination Weapon is born.

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