The Martian release date

How’s that for a conspiracy theory? The very week of Ridley Scott’s film about Matt Damon on Mars, NASA announced that it had found water there. Scott then claimed he “knew all about this months ago.” Who could have told him that? James Green, NASA spokesperson on Mars and, coincidentally, a script consultant on the Martian? Surely not. Anyway, if you look closely enough at the Red Planet, you can see the face of Ben Affleck. And it is a fact.

David Guetta’s horse

In July 1977, Bianca Jagger rode into Studio 54 and forever changed the face of decadence. In July 2015, a model, dressed in Native American headwear, rode a horse in Pacha, Ibiza, during the opening night of David Guetta and uh … well, that only made everything stronger. that you already knew; the guy is a mare (geddit ??!) and corporate hedonism sucks.

Sandi Thom’s tears

As a pop star of the past, you only have a few options if you want to get noticed. You could try to have your new single on Radio 2, like Sandi Thom did with Earthquake in November. Or, if that fails (it’s Sandi Thom, after all), why not tap into that schadenfreude market and film yourself crying how monstrously unfair this all is? If you are Sandi Thom, you literally have nothing to lose.

Humans distort Android advertising

Fake ads for androids

Channel 4 began running commercials in the spring for Persona Synthetics, a company that offered to deliver “the help you’ve always wanted” in the form of a realistic au pair robot. They would soon be available for purchase at a store (which, when you clicked, was still under construction). It all seemed so terrifyingly plausible that it was a relief when it all turned out to be a campaign for the new dystopian drama Humans.

SOPHIE’s silicone ‘product’

It isn’t enough to break out branded condoms to flog your music. That’s why British producer SOPHIE, purveyor of mutant dance songs inspired by J-pop, released a range of silicone “products” to accompany her November album. And when we say “products,” we mean a gnarly (and quite fearless) double-ended dildo. Extreme merch for extreme music? On second thought, maybe we should have seen it coming.

Back to the Future Day

If Marty McFly had time traveled to October 21, 2015, instead of hoverboards, he would have found something stranger: big brands celebrating his arrival. #BTTFDay was fun for about 15 minutes, until everyone from Nokia to Charmin bog roll got involved (“Where we’re going, we don’t need two layers”). Nadir came to PMQ when David Cameron told Jeremy Corbyn to “get in his DeLorean and go back to 1985 and stay there.” Grimace.

This article was last modified on December 21, 2015. An earlier version online and in print stated that it was David Guetta riding a horse in Pasha, rather than a model at David Guetta’s party.

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