“My sister started archery in school, and me, being the little sister and wanting to do everything she does, I also wanted a bow to start shooting. “So in 2013, I had my first bow. I only really shot competitions at the end of 2013, beginning of 2014.

“But I didn’t fall in love with the sport until around 2016/2017 when I realized I could achieve something in archery. From there it only grew,” said this sportsman from Hoedies to the Herald. “It hasn’t always been easy, but the archery community is so loving and like a real family to each other, every time I say I’m going to take a break in archery, it brings me back inside,” Canell said.

Canell went to Drakensig Primary School and attended Merensky High School in Tzaneen where she took her bachelor’s degree in 2020. She is currently studying teaching through Unisa while she works. She says she used to train at her school’s shooting range, but for the past two years she has been training at home. Sometimes for the longer distances, she goes to the Phalaborwa massif to train.

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“I don’t have a coach, everything I learned was self-taught from little tips I got from people I competed with in competitions.

I must admit it’s quite difficult at the moment, I rarely find the time to train and in the last competition I barely managed to train for more than two hours in total.

“At the moment my degree is more important and I have to focus on that first. But I still manage to find time on my days off to train,” she added. Canell’s accomplishments include two gold medals at provincial competitions, a silver medal at national championships in 2014, 12 gold medals at provincial competitions and gold and silver at national competitions in 2015.

In 2016, she won three gold medals at provincial competitions and one gold medal at national competitions. She brought home ten gold medals from provincial competitions and two gold medals from national competitions in 2017. “In 2018, I won eight gold medals from provincial competitions, three gold medals from national competitions and a gold medal at the world championships,” she said.

In 2019, Canell bagged five gold medals at provincial competitions, a silver at the African championships in Zambia and won gold at the world championships in New Zealand. “In 2021, I won a gold medal at the national competitions, and this year I won gold medals at the provincial level, a gold at the national level and won gold at the championships. Africa.

“So in all, I received thirteen provincial colors and four national colors. “I received the colors of Protea twice, I was African champion once and world champion twice,” she added. “At the moment the future is very uncertain, I am awaiting confirmation of the date of the next major international competition because if it is before my birthday I will compete in Namibia and try to be part of the competition again. Protea team.

“But if not, for now I’m just going to shoot local provincial competitions until life slows down a bit,” she concluded.

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