Two residents recently said someone shot an arrow at the back wall of their McNeal Road. residence. The arrow would have penetrated almost completely through the wall, according to the incident report.

Residents of the house said they believed a neighbor, seen wearing hunting camouflage, shot the arrow. A deputy questioned the neighbor and inspected his crossbow and arrows, which appeared to be similar to the arrow fired into the residence but were of a different make.

The neighbor denied shooting the arrow into the wall.

Other recent incidents reported to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office include:

• Suspicious activity on Evergreen Ct. Where a woman said two women, one of whom had a bottle of Windex in her hand, repeatedly knocked on her door.

• Dispute on Duck Rd. Where a woman, who could not walk due to recent knee surgery, said her husband yelled at her for doing all the housework. She said he then acted like he was going to hit her. The man said he didn’t hit the woman.

• agency help on the highway. 124 to an accident where two people were taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton.

• accident with a deer on the highway. 53 where a pregnant woman was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton for evaluation.

• dispute on the highway. 53 where a woman said a driver followed her home from a restaurant and yelled obscenities at her. She said the motorist got out of the car and started yelling, swearing and hitting her mailbox when she got home. He then left in his vehicle before a deputy arrived, according to the incident report.

• Suspicious activity on Skelton Rd. Where a man said his neighbor kept knocking on his window and running away. The man said he also believed his neighbor scratched his vehicle and put something in his gas tank that was preventing the lid from closing.

• Simple battery / violence on Duck Rd. Where a woman said her husband hit her on the finger in an earlier incident to which MPs responded. The woman said in the previous incident that her husband did not hit her, but said she now believed he grabbed part of her finger and did not realize it .

• welfare check on Peachtree Rd. Where a woman said her father was unresponsive and she could not enter the residence. The woman eventually made it in and the man was treated by emergency medical services.

• animal complaint on Olde Wick Trail where a woman said a dog prevented her from getting out of her vehicle.

• suspicious activity on the highway. 124 was a motorist who allegedly drove the entire roadway and was seen tripping while exiting his vehicle at a gas station.

• Suspicious activity on Commons Dr. where a vehicle is said to have blocked the road. Two male occupants of the vehicle are said to have argued.

• mental subject on the highway. 124 where a woman would have walked in the yards of the neighbors. According to the incident report, deputies repeatedly responded to the residence.

• theft by attacking Betsy Ross Ln. where a man said his car’s catalytic converter was stolen.

• juvenile program on Betsy Ross Ln. where a woman said her son was missing when she woke up, but later found him playing in a utility trailer on the street. The child’s uncle said a door was left open, allowing the child to leave the residence.

• Freedom Pkwy (non-murder) death investigation. where a man sitting on a sofa was found unconscious. The man is said to have suffered from high blood pressure and has not taken his medication for several days.

• suspicious activity on the highway. 53 where a man and his girlfriend argued after hours in a store.

• information about Jaxco Junction where a student’s phone may have been hacked.

• mental topic on Traditions Walk where a woman was allegedly lying face down in a turning lane. The woman was taken home, but was later seen colliding with traffic and was found to be visibility upset and crying, according to the report. An assistant arranged for a mental assessment of the woman due to the number of recent calls received about her. A neighbor asked that she be removed from her property.

• animal complaint on Gold Crest Dr. where a delivery driver said a dog, coming out of an open garage door, had bitten him.

• Criminal trespassing on Cedar Rock Dr. where a man said four-wheeled adults on a dirt road were speeding up and making donuts. He also said four-wheelers removed his no-trespassing signs and damaged his mailbox.

• suspicious activity on Caldwell Ln. where a man said he sold a vintage car to a buyer, who claimed he wrote a check for more than the amount and asked the man to send him a check for the difference.

• driving with a suspended license on New Liberty Church Road. where a motorist has been cited for the offense following an accident.