Since I became unable to do as much hunting and fishing since I had COVID-19 I am now considered long haul with

The consequence of the virus is that I no longer drive. But with the help of my wife, son, daughter and friends, I can still hunt and fish and enjoy the outdoors because of them. I want to take the time to thank those of you who stayed in touch.

My wife, son and daughter make sure I have friends with me when I go into the woods. I don’t want to fall. If it’s fishing, it’s the same thing.

On the opening day of the Spring Turkey Hunt last Saturday, I was accompanied by my good friend Neal Hopkins from Saratoga Springs. I had my new Dickson 12 gauge shotgun.

Last year, when I was turkey hunting on opening day, I let a little bearded turkey pass without my shooting. He was followed by Neal shouting, “Shoot, you don’t eat the beard.”

I also have to go fishing this season, with the help of friends and family so that I don’t end up with the fish. Again, thank you to all that keeps me doing what I love.


I got a report from fellow outdoor writer Leo Maloney from Sherill. He said the flows have been coming and going lately, but the fishing remains good in the Oswego River and on the shores of Lake Ontario despite conditions making it difficult on some days.

Fishing along the west side of the Oswego River has been good for large trout. Casting swim bait seems to be the best technique but jigs, beads, egg sacks under floats also catch fish.


Meanwhile, on the Salmon River, Mahoney reports that there are large numbers of rainbow trout spread throughout the river. It’s a mix of freshly sunk chromers, spawning fish, and reborn fish ready to return to the lake. The sting stays up and down due to constant changes in water levels, often cooler water in the 30’s, and colored water.

Pearl fishing was productive, but egg sacks and roseworms were also bitten. Fly anglers have success on pink worms and stone flies hanging under an indicator. Bright colors work and changing your bait regularly can make a difference.


My friend Steve Zahurak from Schenectady called me and said that the opening day of the trout season did not look promising.

Instead, he decided to attend the Big East Camping and Outdoor Show at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY on April 1. Since time was a factor, he focused on outside-bound vendors. Custom Four Leaf Calls and Gooseman Calls had quality calls for turkeys, deer, squirrels, and predators.

Before leaving the show, Zahurak stopped by the NY Crossbow Coalition booth and made a 30 second video explaining that he is a bow hunter and bow hunting instructor who supports the full inclusion of crossbows in the season of archery. If you want to know more about Zahurakyou’ll probably have to look for it on one of the trout streams in the Capital District.

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