HELENA – Archery hunters are getting ready for the archery season opening weekend on September 4, and many have made it to Capital Sports in Helena for the final stop.

“We’ve had tons of customers, yes a lot, so I’ve had a lot already this morning,” said Shaun Bose, director of Capital Sports Archery.

Bose says the weather is ideal for archery hunters trying to get momentum.

“It’s not as hot as it used to be, you know, it’s in the ’80s or the’ 80s or the ’70s and then at night. It’s probably in the 30s to 40s, which is pretty good. You know it’s definitely a lot better to have temperatures like this for elk hunting. Then it would be the ’90s or something, you know, so that’ll be good, ”Bose said.

Longtime bow hunter Craig Struble is thrilled to be able to hunt with his family again.

“What I love most about archery hunting is being able to be there with my family. But I also think it’s when you get the closest to nature. There’s nothing quite like hearing that bull’s bugle, ”Struble said.

Struble’s goal this hunting season is to get his daughter to get some game.

“My goal is just to go out with my family and hopefully we can get my daughter something with her bow,” Struble said.

Bose also recommends archery hunters check their gear before heading out on the road.

“Make sure you check their equipment. Make sure there’s nothing wrong with their ropes or whatever, or a problem with their dungeon or something like that. Make sure everything is working properly on their bow and just make sure I have all of their other hunting gear like boots, backpacks and camels, ”Bose said.