BASS LAKE (CBS13) – A pattern proves painful: Canada Geese are being shot at with arrows.

(credit: Bill Janicki)

A lone Canada goose with an arrow through it was found on Bass Lake.

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“It looked like he could eat and swim, so I thought ‘hmm’. But I didn’t know how bad the injury was, how far away the arrow was, whether it got infected or not, ”said Bill Janicki.

Janicki was fishing there a few weeks ago when he spotted the goose.

“After a while I thought he was trying to tell me he needed help,” he said.

So he contacted Gold Country Wildlife Rescue.

“In general, the arrows that we find in wildlife at this time of year are basically people who… practice their bow hunting,” said manager Greg Grimm.

The problem is, Canada Geese are out of season and it is never acceptable to use this particular type of arrows to hunt them.

“It’s quite common, especially in rural areas. People think they can get away with it, ”he said.

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Grimm says this is becoming more and more of a problem. Several other geese were found with arrows through them, including one in Land Park near the town of Fairy Tale. This goose is still free.

“The problem is, depending on how that arrow hits the goose, it might be okay. He could live a very long time, but now he’s got that arrow stuck through, ”Grimm said.

See more photos of the Bass Lake Canada Goose below.

Last Saturday, a group of kayakers helped Bill and another wildlife expert retrieve the injured goose at Bass Lake. The arrow has been removed and the goose is now recovering.

“It’s wonderful and I hope he comes back to Bass Lake,” Bill said with a smile.

Wildlife experts hope people will understand that these migratory birds need to be protected.

Wildlife in the Land of Gold say goose surgery and rehabilitation could cost around $ 1,500. These expenses could be passed on to the person responsible for firing it illegally along with other fines and costs.

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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating this incident.

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