The BJP does not have to learn the lessons of those who dumped Bitcoin defendants when they were in power, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Sunday, seeking to turn the tide on Congress one day. after AICC secretary general RS Surjewala pressured six to ask him questions.

Surjewala called for an independent investigation by a Special Investigative Team (SIT) under the supervision of the Supreme Court. In another tweet, AICC chief Rahul Gandhi said the government was trying to “cover up” the Bitcoin scam.

The BJP and Congress have launched accusations in the Bitcoin heist case after police in Bengaluru filed an indictment in a local court naming Srikrishna alias Sriki and others as the main accused. The case rose to prominence due to Sriki’s high-profile relationships, including with the children of prominent politicians and businessmen.

Bommai wondered why Congress, which was in power, had not pursued the Bitcoin case and, instead, released the accused Srikrishna in 2018 after arresting him. Instead, the government then allowed him to grow. “We don’t have to learn lessons from those who let go of an accused,” the chief minister told reporters in Bangalore.

Surjewala, he said, relying on a Twitter blog, rather than solid evidence, to make claims demonstrating his “intellectual Connecticut bankruptcy“, and that was not suitable for a spokesperson for a national political party .

The government, Bommai said, was open and transparent about investigations and will act ruthlessly towards those involved. It was the state’s BJP regime that investigated the case and wrote to ED and CBI. He urged Congress to reveal the names of people he threatened to reveal and to help with investigations.

The chief minister was aggressive in his attack on Congress three days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi apparently endorsed his leadership, asking him to focus on governance and not worry about the Bitcoin affair.

Bommai had prepared to offer a detailed explanation of the Bitcoin affair to the Prime Minister after it snowballed into a political controversy.