TenPoint took their incredibly popular Titan hunting crossbow and made it even better with the Tenpoint Titan M1 hunting crossbow. Over nine inches narrower and 30 feet per second faster than its predecessor, the Titan M1 also sports premium features that crossbow hunters Usually would only find on models costing much more than this “low budget crossbow”. Add all that up, and this latest iteration of the Titan is sure to become a legend in its own right.

TenPoint Titan M1 Specifications:

  • Length: 32.5 inch (without foot stirrup)
  • Width: 14 inches (disarmed); 9 inch (cocked)
  • Boom speed: Up to 370 fps
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs (without accessories)
  • Pull the trigger: 5 pounds
  • Power stroke: 14 inch
  • Finish: TrueTimber Viper Camouflage
  • Prices: $ 800 ($ 850 with package / ACUdraw)
The Titan M1 is surprisingly narrow at full draw, with limbs only nine inches wide when the crossbow is cocked. Taylor Padue

What type of crossbow is the TenPoint Titan M1?

The TenPoint Titan M1 crossbow could be defined as a jack of all trades and a master of nothing. Certainly this fast, powerful and compact crossbow is not as fast, powerful or compact as some of the flagship models on the market today, but it certainly offers great value for money.

Like other TenPoint crossbows, the Titan M1 is built in the USA to incredibly high safety standards. A dry fire inhibitor, safety wings, trigger safety and more allow hunters to carry and use the crossbow with confidence even in the most difficult conditions. An included TenPoint 3X Pro-View 3 scope, 3-arrow instant quiver, and ACUdraw (or Rope Sled) cocking device further justifies its under $ 1,000 asking price.

And take a moment to understand that it costs less than $ 1,000. In an age when many crossbows order two or three times that amount, it’s refreshing to find a model that has top-notch qualities without the cost that comes with it. Put it all together, and the Titan M1 is a terrific crossbow for the money – and one that will provide years of reliable service in whitetail woods. Whether it’s your first crossbow or your last, the Titan M1 is definitely worth considering.

How we tested the TenPoint Titan M1

I shot my TenPoint Titan M1 using a chronograph using the 20 inch Pro Elite 400 carbon arrows and 100 grain field tips that come standard with the crossbow. My digital arrow weight scale puts the total arrow weight at 448.5 grains. My trigger scale gave a reading of a hair of less than 5 pounds.

After getting these initial measurements, I placed a Block foam target in an open field, then backed up 20, 30, and 40 yards. i used a Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 large tripod to stabilize the Titan M1.

The ACUdraw accessory on a TenPoint crossbow
The optional ACUdraw cocking device allows hunters to arm the Titan M1 quickly and quietly for additional shots. Taylor Padue

How the TenPoint Titan M1 worked


My tests resulted in an average arrow speed of 332 feet per second. It’s not as fast as TenPoint’s advertised top speed of 370 when using its 370 grain Pro Light carbon arrows, but given the weight of my boom, it still produces 110 feet of kinetic energy. – books, which is more than enough to kill a deer. I have hunted for years with compound bows shooting at around 280 feet per second, so I always shoot much faster than that.


I shot a few arrows at each distance and had no problem hitting the white dots on the sides of the black target. The Pro-View 3 that TenPoint includes with the Titan M1 is perfectly suited for hunting and shooting thanks to its multiple reticle aiming points and five red and five green light settings. However, the range is calibrated for a fixed speed of 350 feet per second. I replaced the Pro-View 3 with a Hawke XB1 scope with speed calibration so that I could adjust the speed of my model. This made targets and deer even easier to hit.

Armament effort

My Titan M1 features the ACUdraw cocking device, so cocking the crossbow’s 180-pound limbs is as simple as turning the handle which is stored in its stock. However, I have used a cocking rope a few times which is also easy to do. Simply put, this compound crossbow is as smooth as it gets.

Noise and vibrations

The Titan M1 is reasonably quiet even with the speed and power it generates. If you feel the need to calm him down even more, consider adding a String damping system by TenPoint. The system includes mini damping rods to reduce string oscillation and shooting noise and mounts in the crossbow’s cable slot.


The Titan M1 weighs less than 7 pounds, is only 9 inches wide when cocked, and is only 32.5 inches long, making it light and maneuverable enough to hunt down a tree. I hunt on a climbing stand without a shooting rail for maximum mobility, but I could see this crossbow come in handy even in a box stand with relatively narrow shooting windows.

Fit and finish

The Titan M1 is dressed in TrueTimber Viper camouflage. It’s a slightly lighter pattern than I’m used to, but it performs remarkably well even in my eastern hardwood hunting environment. The coating also appears to be very durable, scratch resistant from my generally less than careful treatment of my hunting gear.

A test of the TenPoint Titan M1 hunting crossbow
The TenPoint Titan M1 has just about it all – speed, power and precision – at an affordable price. Taylor Padue

What the TenPoint Titan M1 does best

I could tell you more about how the specs of this crossbow make it a great choice for hunters, but the ultimate test of a hunting tool is how it performs in the field. To that end, I can honestly say that the TenPoint Titan M1 is a deer killer, as I have hunted with one in 2019 with great success. I was in Maryland for the season opener, hunting in the suburbs of Baltimore. The deer there are so overcrowded that they literally eat each other out of the house and out of the house – the forest floor is grazed to a downright ridiculous degree. So I set to work to thin the herd.

I started the day by pulling my first pile almost lengthwise. The angle of fire that was presented to me required me to strike just in front of the left hip and come out near the right shoulder. The Titan M1 provided the arrow with a lot of energy for full passage and dropped the bullet within 50 yards. I came back that night and killed two does within 30 minutes of each other, both shots from the side about 32 yards. These deer were falling as easily as the buck had done that morning.

The worst things the TenPoint Titan M1 does

I would have liked the foot stirrup of the Titan M1 to be a little wider so that I could fit my foot through it. As it is, I have to be careful that the tip of my hunting boot is in the stirrup when cocking the crossbow. A larger caliper would add weight and give a wider profile, hampering the handling of the Titan M1. TenPoint undoubtedly made the same assessment when designing it.

The quiver mounting bracket could also be a bit longer, as it places the front of the quiver in front of the caliper when the quiver is mounted parallel to the crossbow butt. I worked around this problem by mounting the quiver perpendicular to the butt. Still, it would be nice to have the side mount option.

If these reviews sound like I’m nitpicking, it’s because I am. I was very satisfied with the performance of my Titan M1. The crossbow could be faster and narrower, of course, but it could also be more expensive. There are always tradeoffs when it comes to choosing a crossbow, but the Titan M1 is a great mix of premium features at a reasonable price.

Does this crossbow fulfill its mission?

Yes. Take the money you could have spent on a more expensive bow and put it into your next dream hunt instead. the Titan M1 is ready to take on any challenge.

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