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Albuquerque (Badajoz)

Updated on Monday, November 15, 2021 – 01:27 AM

The situation has become almost untenable in this municipality of Badajo of 5,300 inhabitants: the crèche is closed, the four retirement homes are abandoned, and the local police have been dismantled.

Up to 11 unpaid pays in a town of Badajoz: “I will not be able to hold out much longer”

Paul mrquez and Julia rubio They were unable to celebrate the last birthday of their 12-year-old daughter, Luca. It was the girl herself who, checking the situation at home, asked them not to prepare a party for her. Both, municipal employees of the Town Hall of Albuquerque (Badajoz) -5,300 inhabitants- for two decades, they have been unpaid since January. 21,000 euros in limbo. They came to Connecticut bankruptcy to Critas. They are not the only ones.

Almost 200 colleagues (the majority of temporary workers who have been renewed with temporary contracts) are in similar circumstances. They survive on social benefits, family, friends or neighbors and go to work every day, despite unpaid bills. Some, who were fired due to depression or other related illnesses, were fired, including a girl undergoing cancer treatment. It has also happened to Alcalda’s personal secretary since 2002. Esther, who came to work without being registered with Social Security for almost three years, could not take it any longer and asked for leave this summer due to anxiety. When she returned in September, she was placed on an empty table, with no phone and no computer.

The sum of defaults to workers amounts to 2 million euros. The global debt triples the municipal budget and exceeds 15 million euros. There have been Social Security and Treasury embargoes and unpaid bills for more than two years to suppliers, such as the water company or Iberdrola. He was closure of the municipal crèche, the two municipal swimming pools (one of which is heated), the laundry, the sports hall and there is a regrettable abandonment of the four nursing homes. There is also no material to repair the streets or paint the buildings and sports fields and parks are collapsing. This week, there were power and phone cuts in municipal offices.

There are only eight permanent civil servants, but until reaching the 389 employees that there were at the time (always before each election period) the temporary contracts were inflated. Everyone was a civil servant, even occasional. She was also called directly from the Alcalda to formalize the 35 signed workers – and not the other way around – and to be able to collect the subsidies.

No local police

The local police have been dismantled. One of the remaining two (the other seven requested a change of assignment because they could not cope with the situation) went on hunger strike due to late pay. Victor Piriz, spokesman for the PP within the budget committee of the Congress, asks for the dissolution of the municipality because the assumptions of article 26.3 of the law 2/2012 on the budgetary stability are given “clearly”, of which a management “seriously prejudicial to general interests ”.

“Wills were bought to ensure the vote and everyone came and went to town hall, contributing for unemployment or for retirement. People have gotten used to this system for many years, ”he warns. Manuel Gutirrez, spokesperson for IPAL, the opposition party. With all of the above, the Joint of Extremadura believes that the time has not yet come to second case Marbella, the only precedent for state intervention in a municipal council. For the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Pilar Blanco Morales, “The government’s budgetary control mechanisms are activated, it is therefore necessary to wait until these measures are crowned with success before exercising such an extraordinary option.

Officially in this legislature, the mayor is Mara Luisa Vadillo. She remains in her post as a non-attached after being expelled from the PSOE in March following popular pressure. He started his mandate with 8 advisers and today only one adviser supports him. The controller is also gone. However, in May, the former mayor was hired as an adviser to the mayor and spokesperson, Angel Vadillo, at the rate of 1,500 euros per month. “He’s the one who continues to command,” they shout in the city. Under the acronym PSOE, he achieved overwhelming absolute majors for 24 years, until a conviction sentenced him to two and a half years in prison. Only a government pardon (2019) prevented him from entering prison for a crime of obstructing justice and making public threats against a woman, who had to be exiled from the city.


“The situation is of social emergency”

With more than 22 years of temporary contracts in the service of both personnel and administration, she was fired in August, “after more than three years of failures and injustices”, and when she recovered in September and was fired. wanted to resume her post, she found that she already He was not registered with social security, and he had not been informed of his dismissal. “There was no spending control and it lived beyond the possibilities, it was covered, until it was no longer possible. It is a social emergency.


“Nobody pays attention to us, nor receives us”

The only technician from the Tourist Office owes 10 paychecks: “They did what they wanted and now they owe everyone money. In other companies, the Wage Guarantee Fund is responsible for covering defaults, but here we do not know who is going to do it. Nobody pays attention to us, nor receives us, the uncertainty is total. I have a mortgage and two cars because my wife works overseas.


“Suffering, Calvary and Despair”

39 different contracts in 20 years in Culture. The last pay he received was in January. “Sometimes I get up and check that I have received a Bizum from someone I haven’t seen for 5 years; the only good thing about all of this is that people love us, ”says Pablo. In a letter he showed his “suffering, his ordeal and his despair”, so he asks Fernández Vara for urgent actions: “He speaks very little about the leaders of a party that was founded to defend the rights of workers.


“The residences were not visited”

Geriatrician, I started working in August and have only earned a little over 400 euros since. He complains about the conditions of rest homes, little frequented by people hired without training, even a deaf person who has not heard the call of the inmates, as in the case of a person already in agony: ” They cannot be treated like Animals, as has happened here, are people, and I have made it known to those responsible, including the mayor. ”

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