At America has talent, contestants pull off the most awesome (and surely death-defying) tricks that make audiences “ooh” and “ahh” on their screens. There were some very risky stunts, like throwing knives, juggling dangerous objects, shooting arrows and using fire in… in all kinds of ways. This has made some viewers wonder if there has ever been an accident – or even a death. Did anyone die on AGT?

The thought is really morbid, but our minds have been going anyway. And because we are curious, we investigated.

Has anyone been injured on ‘AGT’?

While competitors aim to be as safe as possible, it to have been hurt America has talent. In season 11, Ryan Stock and his partner AmberLynn Walker in the quarterfinals involved a flaming arrow and a very small target… on a human face. AmberLynn shot a flaming arrow at Ryan, who was holding a target in his mouth. The sunken arrow, instead of hitting the target, hit Ryan. Fortunately, he was not too injured. There was at least one other accident and one near miss that was avoided by the judges.

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The other crash happened in season 13. Husband-and-wife duo Tyce Nielsen and Mary Wolfe-Nielsen were scheduled to perform a series of trapeze stunts involving fire (again) and a blindfold. Sadly, Mary slipped as she balanced on Tyce’s hands and fell. If it hadn’t been for a safety mat, she certainly could have been seriously injured.

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In America has talent: the champions, crossbow pro Ben Blaque attached a bunch of levers to the crossbows that would be fired at random at targets he placed on his body, including a target over his heart. Fortunately, the judges stopped this act before it started, because, well, it was just a bad idea. Even Simon Cowell said it could have marked the series’ first death, which would be terrible.

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To get a feel for what’s going on in these stunts, Ryan Stock talk to People back in 2016, explaining, “We have invested thousands of dollars in this. We did it 10 times a day, every day for three months. We had no incidents and then had a malfunction on stage during the live tours. He added, “The first few times it was really scary, but we learned to trust the equipment and we learned to trust each other. So neither of us saw that coming.”

So what went wrong? From a Facebook post (which is no longer available), “It wasn’t Amber’s aim that was the problem. Her laser sight was on target. It looks like the notch holding the arrow snapped and sent the arrow sideways. Luckily at because of the way she hit she wasn’t at full power and I walked away with a minor injury. “

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Source: NBC

Although Adam did not want medical attention, the judges visited him later. “They came to make sure I was okay and feeling okay and if I knew what had happened. They wanted to know, “he said.

When performing dangerous stunts accidents are likely to happen, even to the most experienced professionals. You live and you learn, right?

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