Eclipse is a hack-and-slash adventure game where you play as a warrior sent by an ancient god to save mankind. It looks quite similar to some popular titles, such as Path of exile and Diablo III, although it has its own unique charm.

A new update was rolled out recently which added several new features to the game, including the ability to rotate your character with the mouse while running. This is done by holding down the right mouse button while moving, allowing you to smoothly rotate to hack enemies to kill them.

Additionally, there is a feature that allows you to perform a dash by double-clicking the right mouse button.

There are times when melee combat is not enough to kill your enemies. That’s why patch 0.1.8 is such a godsend as it adds new ranged weapons to your arsenal.

Change log

  • Added aiming mode (hold RMB), allows you to rotate character towards mouse while running and attacking

  • without mousing over the enemy

  • Dash is now performed by double-clicking the right mouse button

  • Added animations for running sideways, backwards, diagonally, etc. for each type of weapon animation in aiming mode

  • Added tooltip for inventory management

  • Added background transparency to character menu

  • Now the “ESC” button pauses the game

  • Increased arrow flight speed

  • Arrows no longer get stuck in doors

  • Small redesign of the dialog box

  • Added animations for two-handed weapons

  • Adjusted the size of two-handed weapons

  • Added new crafted item “Booster” (restores all player parameters by 150 units, health, mana, dash)

  • Removing Dash Recovery Banks

  • Added new item “Antidote” (removes negative effects)

  • Added new item “Energy Shield”

  • Reworked the damage resistance system. Added a UI element to show negative and positive effects on the player

  • Enemy health and effects are now displayed above their heads, except for mini-bosses. Their health is displayed separately on the player screen.

  • New enemy types:

    • Venomous Scorpion: Inflicts a negative poison effect on the player. Has immunity to poisoning.

    • Skeleton with a shield: Slightly less physical damage taken.

    • Fire Skeleton with a Shield: Inflicts fire damage and a fire effect on the player. Fire resistant.

    • Ice Scarab: Inflicts a cold effect on the player. Has resistance to cold.

    • Burning Skeleton Mage: Inflicts fire damage and applies a fire effect to the player. Resistant to all effects.

  • Added new weapons:

    • Crossbow

    • Single Arc of Flame

    • Icy Single Bow

    • Poisoned Single Bow

The game is still in Steam’s early access, but it’s already garnered mostly positive reviews on the platform. Also, the good thing is that there is still a lot of room for improvement before it is fully launched in the future.

Eclipse Patch 0.1.8 is available on PC.