There are Elden Ring merchants all over the Lands Between, and we can help you find these little wandering nomad figurines. They sell a variety of useful resources, items, weapons, armor, and more for players to use. These can be useful for progression, or even changing characters, as all starter class gear can be found and purchased from a merchant somewhere.

This means, in Elden Ring, that each merchant manages to be valuable individually, thanks to a unique stock that includes very useful items depending on your character and your needs as things progress. That’s why we’re going to show you where to find all of the Elden Ring Merchants on the map below, as well as anything else worth buying. Bring runes! There are bargains to be had here.

Merchant locations

Where to find all Elden Ring Merchants

Elden Ring Merchant Locations

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We found twelve wandering nomadic merchants around Elden Ring and the Lands Between, though this excludes any special NPCs that sell other items like Patches, Rogier, Brother Coryhn, and Iji the Blacksmith. For one thing, special NPC merchants aren’t usually as straightforward as being only merchants, requiring a boss fight or dealing with very specific actions, and they are also prone to moving around – either going to the round table or even leaving it. Check the maps for where to find Merchants and read on for special items they have in stock.

Elden Ring Merchants in Early Game Zones

Merchant locations in Limgrave, Caelid, Dragonbarrow, Weeping Peninsula and Liurnia (south)

Elden Ring Merchant Locations

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  1. Near the Grace site by Lake Liurnia, this merchant is good for aspiring mages – they sell the Astrologer Staff, Thrust, a good Kite Shield and the Astrologer Armor Set, as well as a lantern.
  2. The first vendor you’re likely to find, your friend at Elleh Church sells the Vital Crafting Kit, along with a Cracked Pot, Telescope, several cookbooks, and the Chain Armor set.
  3. Right near the start, down the beach from the coastal cave, you can buy a shortbow, broadsword (a great starter weapon), and even a simple club here.
  4. In the Isolated Merchant’s Shack in the Weeping Peninsula, this merchant sells a Lantern, two Stone Sword Keys, a colossal sword called Zweihander, and Lost Ashes of War.
  5. Right next to the Morne Rampart castle grace site, this well-stocked merchant has a variety of gear worth considering. A cracked pot, a stone sword key, a bastard sword, a light crossbow, a set of iron armor, and a talisman that increases your maximum health are all here.
  6. At the edge of the forest, east of the ruins of Mistwood, this hidden vendor sells the Trina lily, a handaxe, shields, a variety of meat-themed crafting items, and arrows of St. Trinia, which can put enemies to sleep.
  7. In the Isolated Merchant’s Shack in Dragonbarrow, this merchant has some useful gear – a Ritual Pot, two Lost Ashes of War, a spiked Caestus handgun, and the full Land of Reeds (or Samurai) armor set.
  8. Check the crossroads that curves under Aeonia Swamp, connecting to the path down to Redmane Castle next to the Map Fragment beacon. The merchant there sells a Stonesword Key, a Cracked Pot, the Champion armor set, and a good Greathelm helmet.
  9. This merchant is actually underground, in the catacombs northeast of the Siofra River. You can access this area via the elevator east of Mistwood, then head to the climbing scaffolding in the open area and climb up and around the ruins. They sell a Larval Tear and three Stonesword Keys. If you’re unsure why tears are so valuable (and they are), check out our guide to the Elden Ring respec and the Larval Tears system.

Elden Ring Merchants in Endgame Zones

Vendor locations in Mount Gelmir, Altus Plateau, Leyndell, Mountaintops of the Giants, and Liurnia (North)

Elden Ring Merchant Locations

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  1. Just north of Grace’s site of Bellum Church, climb to the edge of the cliff and look down to see this merchant under a rocky outcrop. They are selling three runic bows
  2. Right next to the Greatbridge Grace site spanning the forest, on the destroyed bridge next to the portal. They sell three Stonesword Keys, a variety of good shields, and a chunky Tree Surcoat chest armor.
  3. Although right next to the Grace Site of Ancient Snow Valley Ruins, you will need to loop around the east side of the cliffs next to the Nobles Hut and ride a horse. Then follow the winding path on the south side to reach this merchant, who sells three rune bows, three stone sword keys, and the Vagabond Knight armor set.

How to find merchants

How to Find Merchants in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Merchant Locations

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Elden Ring Map Fragments

Elden Ring game trailer

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Looking to find all of the Elden Ring Map Fragments? We have the whole collection and how to fill the whole map here!

Elden Ring merchants are spread all over the map, with some much more hidden than others. However, they all look alike, with only color changes in their clothes to tell them apart. Kalé at Elleh Church should give you an idea of ​​what to look for – campfires help mark them, as well as the usual mule, tufted cowls, and occasionally a few discarded boxes or bags. They’re always worth finding – their stock marks some of the main Elden Ring armor locations, or an easy way to get Elden Ring Stonesword keys.

When you find a merchant, be sure to place a pin on the map! You have a hundred to deposit in total and you will thank yourself for it later.

You’ll also find other characters who sell things to you, but tend to be more specialized than the merchants you encounter regularly, such as the wizard Rogier. Most of these peddlers, especially early in the game, will at some point make their way to the Round Table for convenience, a useful central area.

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