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Although it was hard to imagine just five or six years ago, a number of crossbows today shoot arrows well over 400 fps.

In fact, two horizontal bow manufacturers – Ravin Crossbows and TenPoint Crossbow Technologies – actually make designs that send bolts flying at over 500 fps, a speed that was once unthinkable.

As the technology and speeds of the bow and especially the crossbow have advanced, the need for high quality practice targets that can withstand the repeated onslaught of lightning-fast, hard-hitting arrows and bolts increased. Backyard targets that were once able to handle shots from any compound or crossbow may no longer be up to the task, especially when stacked against a high end horizontal arc.

That’s why the Yellow Jacket Kinetic 1.0 from Morrell Targets caught my eye. New for 2022, this tough and incredibly tough bag target is advertised as having no fps max. Essentially, it’s designed to handle the impact of any arrow or bolt, even bolts traveling at over 500 fps.

We recently put the Kinetic 1.0 through practice, testing the target against several different bows and crossbows, and it stopped every shot with ease, including micro-diameter bolts. In fact, in most cases, the arrows and bolts were only driven a few centimeters into the target, an impressive feat to say the least.

Bag targets are, of course, notorious for easily retrieving arrows and bolts and the Kinetic 1.0 is no exception, with each projectile sliding easily with one hand.

The secret to the Kinetic 1.0’s incredible stopping power is in its heavy-duty construction and base. Measuring 20 inches high by 20 inches wide and 15 inches deep, the cube-shaped target features an impressive base and is hand-filled with nearly 65 pounds of quality filler superior, making it more than capable of withstanding the energy and force of high-speed arrows and bolts.

As for what you’ll see when aiming, the Kinetic 1.0 features high contrast graphics on its front and back, making it easier to focus on the center of the target and other aiming points. The target is also weatherproof, with a tough polypropylene coating. And, in the event that the bag cover wears out from repeated use, or fades from prolonged exposure to the sun and elements, Morrell also sells a replacement cover for 28, $99.

If you’re looking for a new target, there are a few important things to note about the Kinetic 1.0. First of all, the target is not designed to handle wide spikes, so all practice should be done with field spikes. Second, the use of outserts or field points larger than the arrow or bolt shank is not recommended and will make recovery difficult.

Although the Kinetic 1.0 weighs just over 65 pounds, don’t let that weight fool you. The target is actually quite easy to move short distances around, or carry indoors if you prefer to keep it sheltered from the elements between practice sessions, thanks to the carrying straps on its sides.

If you practice year-round or regularly shoot a high-velocity bow or crossbow, the Kinetic 1.0 is a target to be on your radar. In fact, no matter what you throw at it, it’s an arrow and bolt stopper that’s guaranteed to stand up to the task. — Associate Editor Mark Demko