Former WWE star / wrestling trainer Al Snow is accused of being unprofessional towards some of the women he has trained over the years.

The claim of the star of AEW Abadon. She tweeted this quote believed to be from Snow:

“” Can you be more attractive so that we can book you? “” You are too fat to flip. “You are not the Undertaker, so stop.
I continue to take their souls and tear their flesh from bones.

In another tweet, Abadon said this was said in front of everyone at the seminar.

She tweeted:

“My favorite, ‘If it was a dildo in a pole match, you’d actually work better.’
At a seminar in front of a group of peers right after a tag match on the fly.

Another tweet about Snow:

“This ‘legend’ was Al Snow who told it to myself and 3 other women in front of EVERYBODY at the seminar.”

Snow has not yet commented on this. He currently coaches wrestlers and owns Ohio Valley Wrestling.

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