See below some reactions to Glenn Youngkin’s early actions as governor, including extremely ill-advised (not to mention questionable and dishonest) executive orders/directives to rescind mask and vaccine mandates, remove Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, dismiss the Parole Board, “investigate wrongdoing in Loudoun County”, “reduce job cut regulations by 25%”, etc. As Joy-Ann Reid says:

Mass disease and death, mixed with ignorance. The standard fare of “modern” republicanism… well done, Virginia. Good game.”

And as the Virginia Democratic Party puts it:

“Glenn Youngkin’s day one program is divisive and dangerous and will set us back. At a time when we need a governor to guide us through this pandemic, Youngkin’s top priority is rolling back the protections that will put our children and the Commonwealth at risk.

And Fred Wellman nails it:

“Glenn Youngkin and his administration are already showing the absolute moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party from DAY ONE! Stop giving them a chance! Stop being so damn focused on the Democratic candidates. We are fighting for our democracy. I am so angry today.

See below for more reactions…