Grigg said the city plans to contact Representative Mark Born, R-Beaver Dam, and send a formal complaint to Wisconsin DNR.

Paul Samerdyke, a wildlife biologist at Wisconsin DNR, told the Daily Citizen on Monday that the signs reflect a master plan that Wisconsin DNR approved through a public process in 2017.

At that time, he said closed hunting and trapping areas statewide were under review because they were both very difficult for people to understand and for law enforcement to regulate. Changes were put in place in 2017, but signage was posted for the first time this year to reflect new regulations for different areas.

Samerdyke said the part of the swamp along North Palmatory Street was originally established as a wildlife sanctuary, meaning no hunting or trapping was allowed.

“It was done around the time our offices were on point and there was a bunch of research projects going on and a variety of other things,” he said. “Since that changed, even though there are buildings and public use of properties, it has been scrutinized, checked against public opinion – and there were opinions on both sides of the subject – but in the together it was let’s open it up for archery to allow other mainly deer hunting opportunities.

He said the notion of arrows flying all over Palmatory Street is unrealistic.