As part of another Kerala government initiative, he announced a program called “Satyamev Jayate” to give people, especially young people, essential fact-checking tools and methods to fight fake news. As part of this initiative, the government would encourage several schools and colleges to equip their curriculum with digital media literacy rules. Young people would be trained to understand digital media and interact with the world around them.

Several activities within the ten-point program

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s ten-point program would encompass several activities ranging from training, data analysis, fact-checking initiatives, media research and media development initiatives with the belief that the information, technology, knowledge and creativity enrich the lives of people and societies. In a letter from the Department of Higher Education, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Education, Dr V Venu, said: “The Department has ventured into the mission of empowering young people in the state by offering a two-day training to master trainers, who in turn, train all trainers and students across the state.

Government of Kerala announcement

200 teachers participated in the Boot-Camp

Satyamev Jayate would focus heavily on the five-point fact-checking: what is misinformation? why they spread quickly; what precautions should be taken when using social media content; how those who spread fake news make a profit; and what steps can be taken by citizens. Nearly 200 professors from 200 colleges attended the two-day training camp in the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram, as part of the two-day training camp.

When announcing the program, the CM said smartphone and internet penetration is much higher in Kerala than in other states. Additionally, he also mentioned that people increasingly rely on social media to gather information. Therefore, the chances of spreading lies and disinformation through social media are not subject to any editorial supervision. Therefore, people need to understand the laws and other criteria that control social media and the internet.

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