Middelbeers organic greenhouse vegetable grower Oirschot Organics has been declared bankrupt this week. According to the trustee, the reason for this is a claim from an energy supplier that was recently submitted to the producer.

The claim came quite suddenly, as the approximately 2.5 hectare greenhouse complex was prepared for a new harvest this winter. The producer has a combined heat and power system. The plants had even been planted. “The organic market is doing relatively well, so it was not true that the producer had been heading for bankruptcy for some time,” says Geurt te Biesebeek of Aben & Slag Advocaten. “There is an acute liquidity problem because of the claim.”

In the coming period, the trustee will further investigate the cause of the bankruptcy. The option of a restart and the conclusion of an agreement with the energy supplier are on the table. However, the trustee emphasizes that he is not a mediator. “As usual, I serve the interests of all bankruptcy creditors.

Oirschot Organics provided the trustee with a payroll of twenty employees. They are now out of work. The trustee hopes for a continuation of the business, preferably in the short term. Interested persons can come forward to make an offer.

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