Nottingham Crown Court.

At a hearing in March, Nottingham Crown Court heard that Jamie Hutchinson threw the plastic bottle filled with petrol and fitted with a fuse onto the artificial lawn behind his neighbour’s Beckingham Court bungalow, on March 2 of last year.

A similar glass device was discovered after her “terrified” neighbor told police, prosecutor Abigail Joyce said.

He believed the arson attempt was revenge for reporting Hutchinson, 38, after threatening him with a bow.

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The next day, Hutchinson accused a man who lived across the street of spitting on his car before calling at his front door and rushing at him with the Taser.

“He managed to force the door open,” Ms Joyce said. “He heard the Taser crackle as it was discharged but he was not hit.”

This victim decided to “shut up in the hope that this would be the end”, but ten days later Hutchinson spat on him in the street and told him he had Covid.

“Worried what the defendant would do next,” he called police after seeing Hutchinson hack into a sofa and a fence with a machete.

Police discovered an arsenal at Hutchinson’s home, including six throwing knives, a sword, a fuse cord, a dart shooter, a crossbow, a mini-cannon, bows, arrows and a gas can.

He denied everything during his interview, but later admitted that he had been under the influence of the mamba at the time.

On Friday, Digby Johnson, mitigating, said Hutchinson had served 13 and a half months in pretrial detention and had been offered accommodation with his cousin.

Judge Stuart Rafferty QC sentenced him to two years, suspended for 48 months, and imposed a restraining order barring him from attending Beckingham court for five years except when accompanied by a police officer to recover his property.

Hutchinson, who pleaded guilty to attempted arson, assault and possession of an offensive weapon, was also banned from possessing licensed weapons for ten years.

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