The crossbow is one of the newest weapons in Minecraft. This added a second way to use arrows, making them twice as useful, especially given the two different styles the weapons work with and the various enchantments that can be placed on them.

Combine the usefulness of arrows in damaging enemies from a distance with the ability to craft arrows that have powerful potion effects built in, and there’s plenty of potential for some interesting game situations.

The 5 Best Arrows in Minecraft in 2022

5) Regular arrows

It might seem strange to see regular arrows included among the top five arrows in Minecraft. But any positive effects arrows can apply to players would require the player to shoot themselves with a bow. This deals damage to the player for a potion effect, when the player could just drink the potion instead.

This negative for any positive effect means that normal arrows used on enemies are, by default, better than the player getting hurt for an effect they can get without getting hurt. Additionally, bows with the infinite enchant only affect regular arrows, so players get as many arrows as they need from a single regular arrow.

4) Poison Arrows

Poison arrows deal poison damage over time. There are three different versions of the arrow:

  • Poison a
  • Poison one extended
  • poison two

The poison arrow applies poison with a power of one for five seconds, dealing two hearts of damage during that time.

Extended Poison Arrow applies poison with potency one for 11 seconds in Java Edition or 15 seconds in Bedrock Edition. This deals four hearts of damage in Java Edition, or six hearts of damage in Bedrock Edition.

Poison Arrows Two are the least useful of the three. Although it applies poison with a power of two, it only lasts for two seconds. Due to its short duration, the arrow only deals 1.5 hearts of damage.

3) Slow Arrows

A zombie slowed by a slow arrow (Image via Minecraft)
A zombie slowed by a slow arrow (Image via Minecraft)

Slow arrows are very useful utility arrows. They decrease the movement speed of the mob they hit, but only if the mob is moving on the ground. Flying enemies are not slowed by this effect.

There are three different slow arrows. Two of them apply slow one, which reduces movement speed by 15% for 11 seconds, or 30 seconds, depending on whether the arrow is deployed or not.

The third arrow applies a massive slow debuff four, which reduces movement speed by 60%. However, this debuff only lasts for two seconds, making it the worst of the three arrows, as its incredible effect doesn’t apply for very long.

2) Weakness Arrows

A player using a weakness arrow and shield on a zombie (Image via Minecraft)
A player using a weakness arrow and shield on a zombie (Image via Minecraft)

Weakness arrows are very powerful utility arrows. They decrease the damage that hostile mobs inflict on the player. The only arrow variety of the Weakness debuff is power one, which decreases damage from hostile mobs by four and equals two hearts less damage. There are two different duration arrows, one that lasts 11 seconds and one that lasts 30 seconds.

1) Evil Arrows

Evil arrows are simply better poison arrows. They apply damage instantly instead of over time, and deal the same damage, if not more. The only downside to evil arrows is that they heal undead monsters instead of damaging them.

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