Although slower, the Minecraft crossbow is more powerful and accurate than the bow. Players can obtain a crossbow by crafting, trading, or looting.

Regarding ranged weapons in Minecraft, Crossbows lack the speed of bows but offer superior damage, as well as the ability to use fireworks as ammo. Moreover, the Minecraft Crossbow projectiles can reach further than arrows from a bow and shoot with slightly better accuracy. Such qualities can make the crossbow a favorable weapon when fighting difficult enemies such as the Ender Dragon, Wither, Evokers or Warden mob in Minecraft.

There are several ways to get a crossbow Minecraft. The first and most accessible method is to craft it at Crafting Table. The crossbow recipe calls for three sticks, two strings, an iron ingot, and a Tripwire hook. Sticks are the easiest material to obtain, and players can obtain them simply by using Wooden Planks. Ropes are slightly rarer, as they are dropped by spiders or cobwebs. Iron Ingot comes from Molten Iron Ore and Tripwire Hook is made from Iron Ingot, Stick and Plank. Players can combine these materials to get a base Minecraft Crossbow.


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Another way to get a crossbow is to buy one from a Fletcher villager at Minecraft. Once a Fletcher trader reaches journeyman level, they have a chance to sell an unenchanted crossbow for three emeralds. At Master level, they can also sell enchanted crossbows for a much higher price. If a village doesn’t have a Fletcher yet, players can craft a Fletcher Table and use it as a construction block, placing it near any unemployed villager to become a Fletcher. Tail tables can be easily crafted using four planks and two flints.

Where to find crossbows in Minecraft

How to Get or Craft a Crossbow in Minecraft

Minecraft Crossbows can also be looted from certain enemy mobs or found in specific loot chests. Raiders in the Overworld have an 8.5% chance to drop a crossbow upon death. Additionally, crossbows can be found in chests at looter outposts. However, players will need to be careful when killing raiders or attacking their outpost, as this action will trigger the Raid status effect.

Another place Minecraft fans can find Crossbows in the Nether, especially in Bastion Remnants. Lootable chests found in the area have a slight chance of dropping a crossbow, and nearby Piglin residents wielding crossbows can also drop one upon death. Similar to raiders, there is only an 8.5% chance that an armed Piglin will drop a crossbow. While killing a Piglin won’t activate a Raid, these Underworld hogs pack a much stronger punch than the raiding mobs in the Overworld, making them quite dangerous to deal with, especially in groups.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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