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Ultra-resistant targets – BLOCK Infinity crossbow targets

BLOCK Infinity crossbow target

The newest addition to BLOCK’s Infinity Series, Infinity Crossbow Targets are designed to withstand the repeated assaults of today’s powerful and lightning-fast crossbows! The company’s PolyFusion technology features a high-density layered foam core encased in an exterior foam wall and delivers incredible stopping power, using friction to stop the bolts as they slide between layers. Targets feature six different firing faces, with strategically placed graphics to extend the life of the target by providing staggered aiming points. Two sizes are available – 16×16 inches and 20×20 inches – with the two handling bolts flying up to 520 fps. $ 149.99 (16×16) $ 203.99 (20×20) | feradyne.com/bloc

Invaluable Afield – Mystery Ranch Bino Harness

Mystery Ranch Bino Harness

Whether you enjoy stalking hunting or prefer to perch in a tree while waiting to take a stroll, you will likely need access to your binoculars at all times. This is where the Mystery Ranch Bino Harnesses – available for 10X and 12X Binos – come in handy. Recently updated to improve comfort and function, they are lightweight, easy to use, and come in two different torso sizes, making them easily adaptable to any need. Key features include one-handed operation, silent magnetic closure, and strategically placed pockets to hold calls and other items. The 10X harness measures 7x8x4.3 inches, weighs 0.68 pounds, and fits binoculars up to 6.75 inches high, while the 12X measures 9x8x3.8 inches, weighs 0.71 pounds, and fits binoculars from 6.75 to 8 inches long. $ 125 (10X); $ 135 (12X) | mysteranch.com

Safe Travel – Plano Field Locker Element

Plano Field Locker Element

Designed for traveling archery hunters, the Field Locker Element bow case features a durable outer shell, a sturdy DryLoc gasket to protect from the elements and customizable high density foam to ensure your bow is safe and secure during travel. At 44 x 15 x 6.4 inches, the case can accommodate almost any compound bows on the market, but it still fits easily in a closet or under the bed. It also offers room for accessories and arrows, features overmolded and sturdy handles to help reduce fatigue, and comes with ball-bearing wheels to make treks through the airport, camp, or mountain easier. hotel. $ 319.99 | planomoulage.com

Purify the air – Ozonics MICRO3

Ozonic MICRO3

The new MICRO3 allows hunters to deploy the oxidizing power of ozone in their cars, trucks and motorhomes. Any space that offers a 12-volt power outlet (aka cigarette lighter) can now be cleaned of unpleasant and unwanted odors by simply inserting the MICRO3. The production of ozone molecules from MICRO3 cleans the indoor air and surfaces of your vehicle by attacking bacteria, viruses, mold spores and more. Note: MICRO3 is intended for use only in vehicles or unoccupied spaces. It will automatically turn off after 20 minutes of operation. To run a second cycle, simply unplug it and reinsert it into the outlet. A green LED light indicates when the MICRO3 is in operation. $ 50 | ozonicshunting.com

Essentials Only – KUIU Pro Bino hydration setup

KUIU Pro Bino hydration setup

Newly updated for 2022, the KUIU Pro Bino hydration setup is perfect for hunters who want or need to pack extremely light luggage for one-off trips or challenging hikes in mountainous terrain. Package includes KUIU Pro Bino Harness, Pro Hydration Platform, Hydration Hose Cover and Platypus 3L Hose. The harness, which is available in large (binoculars up to 6.75 inches tall) and extra-large (6.75-8 inches), features a waterproof fabric case and allows easy access to the optics with one hand, while the Platypus hydration unit holds up. to 100 ounces of water. When your gear needs to be minimal, this is the perfect setup. $ 176 | kuiu.com

Super Stopping Power – Morrell Target Kinetic 1.0

Morrell Target Kinetic 1.0

Two patented floating centers make this bag target capable of stopping the fastest arrows and bolts. The Kinetic 1.0 features two 20 x 20-inch faces, providing a generous aiming area, while the bag’s 14-inch depth and 60-pound weight allow it to withstand even the most powerful crossbow hits. This USA made target is hand-filled with premium stop fill and promises easy retrieval, meaning you can spend more time training and less time trying to extract arrows and bolts. $ 149.99 | morrelltargets.com

A Tough Client – Wicked Tough Machete

Wicked hard machete

If you need to maintain a trail on your hunting ground, clean up a campsite, or thin out brush, the Wicked Tough Machete is definitely a tool you need in your arsenal. The machete has a forged carbon steel blade and an ergonomic handle for added comfort; it also comes with a sheath and a buckle to hang on your belt. $ 49.99 | wickedtreegear.com

Hard Tournament – Delta McKenzie BIG 8

Delta McKenzie BIG 8

Available in 16 and 20 inch wide versions, the Delta McKenzie BIG 8 was developed with the ASA Pro 3D competition circuit, in an effort to ensure that it withstands intensive tournament-style use and abuse. . The unique eight-sided asymmetric hexagon design features competition-grade self-healing foam and provides a larger shooting area compared to many square targets, while the vivid green and white graphics are easy to see, no matter what. regardless of the color of your pin or the distance to the target. The BIG 8 is designed for easy arrow removal with field tips, fixed blades and mechanical broadheads; the 20 inch model also has a replaceable core, helping to extend the life of the target. $ 169.99 (16 inches); $ 219.99 (20 inches) | dmtargets.com

A winning formula – Flambeau Outdoors Formula bow case

Flambeau Outdoors Formula Bow Case

This is the next step in protecting your precious possession. The Formula Bow case uses a non-foam chassis rather than layers or foam straps to hold your bow in place, allowing cams, cables, strings, sight and other components to float freely to prevent damage. This adjustable bow safety system includes two frame sleds that your bow limbs rest against. Nite Ize Mega Gear Ties (rubber coated memory wire), then lock the riser in place over the spinal tabs of the sleds, anchoring the bow securely. The case, which measures 47 x 20 x 9.5 inches, can accommodate arches up to 43 inches long. It comes with a removable accessory pouch, 8-arrow mount, tie-down slots for attaching to ATV racks and more. $ 189.99 | flambeauoutdoors.com

Designed for tough jobs – Oxcart Trail Boss

Patron of the oxcart trail

Whether you’re doing maintenance on foraging plots or hauling hunting gear and racks, the Trail Boss is designed to make those tough jobs that much easier. This 25 cubic foot netless commercial grade utility cart features a load capacity of 1,750 pounds, a solid steel body, powder coated steel frame construction and 18 x 19.5 inch ATV grade tires . The trailer also offers 15-inch ground clearance, ideal for traversing difficult terrain. The combination of an offset tilt pivot point and hydraulic lift assist, along with a 58 degree tilt angle, makes tasks such as emptying a load of soil or moving branches and brushing easier. The trailer attaches to ATVs, UTVs and mowers via a pinhole hitch. $ 599 | oxcart.com

Versatile and sharp – Outdoor Edge 3.5 inch Razorwork

3.5 inch Outdoor Edge Razor

Looking for a versatile knife to handle a variety of tasks in the field? The new RazorWork 3.5 inch Utility Knife from Outdoor Edge comes with one 3.5 inch drop point blade and two 3.5 inch utility blades, with safe and easy blade change thanks to the button system- RazorSafe pusher. The blades are made from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel, which achieves a precision edge, whether it’s for dressing a deer in the field or cutting a piece of rope. The knife is 8 inches long, weighs 2.6 ounces, and the handle is ergonomically designed for comfort, with a non-slip grip to ensure safety. $ 34.95 | outdooredge.com

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