GRAND ISLAND, Neb. – Teams from North Dakota have won several team honors and individual national champion awards at the recent 4-H National Shooting Championships held in Grand Island, Neb.

The teams competed in four disciplines: small caliber rifle, shotgun, compound archery and hunting techniques. The teams consisted of three or four members from one or more counties in each state. The teams were determined by qualifying in a 4-H Shooting Sports State Match.

The national competition consisted of three events for each discipline. Individual and team rewards were awarded daily for each event, with a cumulative global reward per match at the end of the week of events.

The individual and team results for North Dakota are as follows:

Compound archery: third in 3-D, fifth in World Archery Federation archery and tied for sixth in field archery. The team finished fourth overall in team matches with 21 states represented. Tyler Brusseau led the way, placing third in 3-D, fifth in World Archery Federation archery and sixth in field archery for a sixth place overall.

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Shotgun: fourth in trap, 17th in sporting clay and 23rd in skeet. Ward County’s Tate Novodorsky placed first in the trap. Clay Ceynar of McKenzie County was the top individual player overall, taking 31st place. He finished ninth in trap, 13th in clay and 72nd in skeet. The team finished the game 14th overall, with 29 states represented.

Small caliber rifle: second in silhouette, second in three positions, third in rapid fire of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Three people placed in the top 10 overall. Jacob Vaagen of Ramsey County won first place overall. He was third in silhouette, sixth in three positions and seventh in CMP rapid fire. Casia Steinhaus of Ramsey County was fifth overall – first in three, 10th in CMP rapid fire and 16th in silhouette. Hannah Vaagen of Ramsey County placed eighth overall. She was fourth in three positions, 16th in silhouette and 19th in CMP rapid fire.

Hunting skills: fifth in wildlife identification, 12th in general hunting, 12th in decision making. Shianne Boehm of Morton County was the top individual, placing 28th overall. She finished 24th in wildlife identification and hunting, and 32nd in decision making.

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