The following contains spoilers for Young Justice: Phantoms, Episode 18, “Beyond The Grip of the Gods!”, now airing on HBO Max.

After the attack of the Child (a bitter Lord of Chaos) which decimated the Earth in Young Justice: Ghosts, Superman has confirmed that the Justice League needs to strengthen its ranks as soon as possible. He personally began overseeing the recruiting campaign with Black Lightning. However, they didn’t know where to start as they needed help from the Magic Realm to the Galactic Realm. Well, thanks to a key meeting where Superman and Black Lightning evaluated a screen at the Watchtower, fans have an idea of ​​the candidates.

The first line started with Giovani Zatara, an ex-member who was recommended thanks to Kent Nelson, a former Doctor Fate. Zatara now shares the duties of the Helmet of Fate with Zatanna and Thirteen, the League would like his expertise when available. Red Arrow/Will Harper is next, and that makes sense considering he recently aided Artemis in battling the forces of Lady Shiva. He’s finished his clone saga, and as head of the Bowhunter Security corporation, he’d be ideal for covert missions.

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Tempest/Garth is featured and seeing as he wasn’t the Aqualad according to the comics, a role with the League might be what he needs to get some more action. Considering Orin is back in the League and Garth helped fight off an Ocean Master clone in Vandal Savage’s latest raid, it’s easy to see the former Atlantean king vouches for Garth. Donna Troy/Troia also features, with Superman wanting more Themyscirans like Diana and Cassie/Wonder Girl. Mary Marvel is also present, but Superman is likely unaware that Granny Goodness is co-opting her. Rounding out the row is Clayface, who redeemed himself with Bowhunter Security, and would be a great shape-shifting addition alongside Martian Manhunter.

The second row has Bumblebee and Mal/Guardian, both of whom worked with the Outsiders for a while. It’s never been explained why they weren’t called, but the Man of Steel thinks it’s time. Jim Harper (another Roy Harper clone) is also a candidate, and as another Guardian he would be a disciplined match. Dubbilex is next, due to his scientific work with CADMUS and how he redeemed himself with the Genomorphs in Geranium City. Rounding out the row are Adam and Alanna Strange – both of whom aided the League in its cosmic scraps, particularly when the Reach attempted to take over Earth.

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The third row has Isis, last seen helping Ice repair the damage caused by the child. While his magical powers are useful, it might invite Black Adam, as he liked him in the comics. The next person is B’arzz O’oomm, the former Green Beetle who was freed by the League and turned on the Reach. Given how political warfare is on Mars and how badly the League needs help in space with Apokolips and Lor-Zod making some shady moves, he’d be helpful. Asami and Tye Longshadow, runaways from Static’s team years ago, are also there. Asami was experimented on by the Light but chose not to join the heroes. She and Tye wanted to stay out of the spotlight, but with Asami’s energy projections and Tye’s giant astral golem, they would add a lot of power. The row is completed by Mera, the new ruler of Atlantis, and Dolphin, who both used their waterbending sorcery to defend Atlantis from Orm, Vandal, and Arion in the previous one. Ghosts bow.

As for the back row, the heads of Black Lightning and Kal block two faces, teasing their importance down the line. Wyynde is the first face, though he may not be ready after her boyfriend, Kaldur, steps down from the role of Aquaman to take some time off and heal from work-related pressures and tragedies. Khalid is also included, indicating that the League wants his supernatural skills when he’s not in Fate’s helmet. Jason Blood and Madame Xanadu complete the row – after the League has constantly approached them for mystical guidance in the past, they might as well be official members.

Superman also mentioned that Etrigan the Demon should be requested, as Jason accepting doesn’t automatically mean Etrigan is in. Interestingly, Superman warned of political issues with allies such as China, Russia, and Markovia, as he was unsure if they trusted the League. The Man of Steel concluded by requesting alliances with Mars, New Genesis (which Rocket is working on with Orion), Thanagar, and Oa, adamantly more Green Lanterns will form a stronger cosmic coalition.

New episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms drop Thursdays on HBO Max.

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