Saskatchewan archery hunter Audrey Ediger is only 14 years old, but she didn’t need the guidance of her father and hunting partner to know the muley buck they found during a spotting in late August was a monster. “We went every morning and every evening to scout until opening day,” she said.

Ediger had to spend the first three days of archery season in school, but when she was finally able to hunt on September 5, she and her hunting partners were able to get back to their target deer in a canola field. . “We started our rod through the canola, and after finding a spray trail, we followed it up to 35 yards,” she said. “We waited four hours, when the male finally got up, he walked up to 30 meters and I let my arrow fly!”

Audrey used a Diamond Edge bow to kill her giant velvet buck, whose green scored 251-4 / 8 gross and 248-6 / 8 net.

Another look at Ediger’s incredible velvet mule deer. Audrey ediger

According to Pope & Young’s online record book, Ediger’s mule is expected to become the third largest atypical velvet mule deer ever killed in the province. Saskatchewan’s largest buck in this category brought in 282 and was killed by Ron Cordes Burton in 2005. Second place is held by a 271-inch male shot down by Beau Knutson in 2012.

Ediger’s silver, if the score holds up, is expected to take 13th place overall in the P&Y Record Book. The atypical world record velvet mule deer was killed in Colorado in 2018 by Justin Gordon; this incredible muley has scored 326-1 / 8 inches and is over 50 inches taller than the second place buck. No matter where Ediger’s money ultimately goes, he’s a giant.