stone shard is a turn-based RPG set in an open world. The developers released an update for its second anniversary. Patch adds a survival tree with 10+ new abilities.

New content

Developers added Bedroll, a consumable item. This allows players to create a temporary place outside of dungeons to rest and save progress. These save slots can be used to prevent item loss if they spoil in dungeons.

Loot Generation

The developers have made a small change to loot generation in this update. Previously, loot was generated each time the player opened a container. Now, loot generation will take place during world creation.

stone shard Patch

  • Adding new equipment: pot helmet, visor pot Helmet, Hat War, Baron Sabatons Arc sampling, curved Arc Shield of the Brotherhood Ouroboros (single) Sun Shield eternal truth (unique).

  • Added new abilities to some animals: Howl, Pack Sense, Dying Rage, Ramming Charge.

  • Discovering new locations now grants 100 XP.

  • Hand effectiveness can now exceed 100% when using a two-handed weapon.

  • Removed Intoxication base decomposition. Instead, intoxication is reduced by expending immunity.

  • Immunity above 100% will now gradually decrease to the 100% threshold.

  • General resistances are now correctly taken into account in location resistances and are displayed correctly in the character menu.

  • New effect type: Persistent. Lingering effects do not count as physical, mental, or magical.

  • Sergeant of Osbrook now provides arrows or bolts when asked for a bow or crossbow respectively.

  • Increased the base price of most skins.

  • Reduced chances of leeches spawning. Leeches can no longer spawn in sea water.

  • Map tiles with rivers can now spawn wild ducks.

  • Added willows to river banks.

  • It is now possible to pick up sticks in the woods and use them to start fires.

  • Made it possible to catch butterflies.

  • Added new achievements.

  • Improved optimization.

Changed sleep effects in different locations

  • Tavern: 100% restoration efficiency, regenerates Psyche, grants Stamina.

  • Bedroll: 50% restoration efficiency (100% with “Make a Halt” skill), does not regenerate Psyche, does not grant Stamina.

  • Camp: 50% restoration efficiency (100% with “Make a Halt” skill), does not regenerate Psyche, does not grant Stamina.

  • Leprosarium: 100% restoration effectiveness, damages Psyche, does not grant stamina.

  • The Watchtower Tavern (Brynn): 125% Psyche replenishment.

You can read more about the update here.

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