This one is not for the faint of heart.

Nature is as unforgiving as it is beautiful, and that was in the spotlight near Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Some people were driving through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park when they came across a rare sight – a black bear mauling a wild boar, while simultaneously trying to drag it through the woods.

Several groups of motorists stopped to view this savage battle, and according to the Charlotte Observer people were amazed at the sight:

“It’s unbelievable. It’s crazy. Man, he’s got blood in his mouth…he almost got his neck bitten off.

This video is not short, it is 10 minutes long and is loaded with fights and struggles.

Guess who wins this battle.

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Black bear populations in Tennessee

According to TN.Gov, Tennessee has two main populations of black bears: the Appalachian population along the Tennessee-North Carolina border and the Cumberland population in the northern part of the Cumberland Plateau along the Tennessee border. and Kentucky.

Because black bears are highly mobile and cross state lines, we not only manage a Tennessee black bear population, but one shared with many neighboring states.

Collectively, this interstate population is known as the Southeastern Black Bear Population and is shared with Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.

Bear populations in Tennessee are increasing and recolonization of former range continues.

And as for wild for wild pigs:

In 2011, new regulations were enacted which changed the management of feral pigs. Feral hogs are no longer considered big game in Tennessee.

In order to remove the incentive to move feral pigs, they are now considered a destructive species to be controlled by methods other than sport hunting.

It is illegal to possess, transport or release feral pigs alive.

I see your boar, I raise you a moose

Warning: this one is quite graphic…

Here we have a large moose lying injured on the side of a road in Sweden.

A driver stops to film the gigantic creature, when a bear crawls out of the woods. And you know right away, the bear is not looking to play…

No. Not at all…

“My wife and I drove on Wednesday evening. Ahead of us we saw something dark by the side of the road. When we approached, we saw that it was a moose lying down with the bear next to it.

The bear was a little disturbed by our presence and moose-walked across the road.

Then we backed the car up to give the bear a chance to get back to the moose and finish what he started.

“Finish what he started?” Hell, not one to interfere with the circle of life, are you?

Granted, the moose looks like it was hit by a car and wasn’t going to last long anyway, but the Swedes aren’t shy about stepping aside and letting nature take its course.

The bear ends up dragging the huge moose off the road with ease and takes a few gnarly bites as the moose is too injured to fight back. Once the bear finally realizes that there are people watching, or that he is bored, he walks away and looks directly at the person filming.

Honestly, props for this guy…if a bear just finished stalking a moose and then noticed me staring, I’d be gone ASAP.

All I know is that I will never underestimate the strength of a bear as long as I live.

A massive black bear walks straight into Bowhunter’s Spit

Nothing like shitty pants in the woods, huh?

Bear hunting is always a controversial subject. Some people are all for it, some vehemently oppose it, and some aren’t quite sure where it lands. Make no mistake, a bear will easily rip your face off, but there’s something cute and cuddly about them (hello teddy bears) that makes many of us feel bad about the idea. to hunt them. But that being said, the black bear tastes great.

Traditional bowhunter Clay Newcomb was out hunting black bears a few years ago when a big old boar walked into his kitchen…so close he literally hit his arrow. Clay joined Steve Rinella’s MeatEater podcast to talk more about the crazy encounter.

“Until he hit the tip of my arrow, I thought I was in the driver’s seat…when my arrow hit his nose, that’s when I said ‘Oh shit.’ It was scary.”

Clay made a good clean shot, followed another and filled his freezer, but after people saw the video they complained. Clay revealed he took a ton of heat, even from other bow hunters, about the kill. A lot of people felt like the bear spared Clay’s life and Clay took his own… not to mention they claimed he gave it a bad first punch.

But at the end of the day, Steve Rinella explained it like this:

“You hunt. The goal is to get a bear. You have a bear. Does it clear the target if the bear hits your arrow? »

Nice sound logic. I’ve never hunted bear, but as long as it’s a legal and ethical kill, a well-placed and effective shot, and an old, mature bear … what difference does it make if the bear is close to you? Especially, when using a traditional bow…. the closer, the better, for you and the bear.

The game starts in the 9th minute.