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Surge Outdoors acquires Archery Company Barnett Crossbows

One of the biggest names in the archery and crossbow industry has just been acquired by Surge Outdoors. Barnett Crossbows – established in 1962 has now been placed under the umbrella of Surge Outdoors’ growing business list. The acquisition comes amid Barnett Crossbows releasing several new products for 2021 and promising that more items will come in the following years.

Surge Outdoors acquires Archery Company Barnett Crossbows

Surge Outdoors acquires Archery Company Barnett Crossbows

One of Barnett’s new products, the Hypertac 420 is a compact crossbow featuring a built-in quiver, metal injection molded trigger, dry-fire technology, bolt-on joint single, stepped riser and is compatible with Hyperflite .204 diameter booms. The Hypertac 420 comes in a full set with 3 x 22 inch arrows, a side quiver, an illuminated 1.5-5 x 32mm rifle scope and even a rope cocking device.

On the flip side, Barnett Crossbows President David Barnett has been eagerly awaiting the company to become part of the Surge Outdoors umbrella saying the following:

“With Barnett under the Surge umbrella, the future of the brand looks brighter than ever. We look forward to advancing the long standing reputation of the Barnett brand and its products. As we approach our 60th anniversary in 2022, as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of crossbows in our industry, I am delighted to take up the torch from my ancestors… certainly, the best is yet to come ”,

Surge Outdoors acquires Archery Company Barnett Crossbows

Although Barnett has been acquired by Surge, none of Barnett’s current locations will close. Instead, Surge Outdoor will keep facilities operational in various locations, including Louisiana, Utah, Florida and, of course, Illinois, where Barnett’s headquarters are located.

“Barnett is the first and oldest crossbow company with a rich heritage… I am delighted to be a part of telling this story again to everyone and to help write the next chapter. Barnett will continue to lead the crossbow industry through deep innovation and increased focus on the archery industry ”,

-Ryan Busbice, Surge Outdoors, CEO.

I think we can be sure that with the acquisition of the company by Surge Outdoors, we can continue to expect further developments from Barnett and Surge. Only time will tell what new products and accessories companies will have for archery hunters and target shooters in 2022.

Surge Outdoors acquires Archery Company Barnett Crossbows

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