WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WSAW) – Archery season arrived in Wisconsin on September 18. As the weather cools, hunters will head out to fields and forests in search of game.

Due to the mild winter of last year, many deer populations are higher than normal this year.

“We expect the number of deer harvested to be a bit higher this year than it was last year and that’s a good thing. All over the north we have come to a point where we are looking in some counties to increase the population, to provide more opportunities. But in the southern half of the state, more often than not there’s a problem, ”said Jeff Pritzl, Wisconsin State Deer program specialist.

Hunters are entitled to one dollar per license. Antlerless deer harvests vary from county to county, depending on their productivity. Farmland often has a higher number of deer because they thrive in this environment.

The limits on antlerless deer are also determined by the damage that overpopulation can cause. Factors include environmental problems, damage to crops and homes, and transportation safety.

Hunters have their own safety considerations. Bow hunting is mostly done in close proximity, so stray arrows from other hunters are rarely a problem. MNR says hunters are more likely to be injured when falling from a tree.

“Really, the biggest safety consideration is the safety of hunters when entering or leaving their deer farms. It is very popular to hunt from a raised stand, especially during archery and crossbow seasons, ”said Pritzl.

Hunters who use permanent wooden structures should always check for rot since last season to help prevent these falls.

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