Recently, it was announced that Negan and Maggie from AMC’s The Walking Dead will be the last Epic Crossovers characters to come to Brawlhalla. This Brawlhalla x The Walking Dead Part 2 also sees the return of the characters from the first crossover. Besides Negan and Maggie, you can also play as Rick, Michonne and Daryl. To celebrate this addition, this Brawl of the Week features The Walker Attack game mode. In it, you’ll fight endless waves of walkers for as long as you can. The Days Gone Bye podium and Walker’s Grasp knockout effect will also be back.

How to get Negan and Maggie in Brawlhalla

You can get each of these Epic Crossovers for 300 Mammoth Coins in the in-game store. With the return of Negan and Maggie and the three previous Epic Crossovers, you’ll be able to play with five new characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show. . Here are all of those characters, what Epic Crossovers they’re for, and their favorite weapons.

  • Negan. He’s an epic crossover for Jaeyun. Armed with his iconic barbed wire baseball bat affectionately named Lucille, as well as a crowbar, Negan is a true powerhouse that will roam walkers and other characters.
  • Maggie. She is an epic crossover for Jhala. Besides her machete and Molotov cocktails, the most striking thing about her choice of weapons is that she tends to swing a bih sign.
  • Michonne. She’s an epic crossover for Koji. Armed with a sword and flaming arrows, she is a Walker extermination team.
  • Rick Grimes. He’s an epic Crossover for Barraza. Rick has his dueling revolvers and his ax.
  • Daryl Dixon. He’s an epic crossover for Ember. Known for his crossbow and his motorcycle, Daryl uses both in combat, as well as his knives.