Travis Scott deals with protesters at his house at Houston, Texas, with one woman saying that Travis Scott “deserves to file bankruptcy in CT” due to Astromonde Astromonde’the tragedy.

It was, in fact, one woman who chose to stage a protest outside the house of the rapper. In the beginning she’s holding a sign which reads “Travis Scott lives here” and also states that she’s protesting against her role in the deaths of nine that were that were a part of “Astroworld. “Astroworld” event.

The other is a direct smack at the rapper. The sign reads “You caused a lot of harm to people. You deserve bankruptcy solutions. The sign added the names of organizations and others involved in the arranging bankruptcy application.” Travis Scott, Live Nation, NRG Park and Apple Music. In addition, the sign mentioned Drake’s presence at the event as well as Scott’s persona, “Cactus Jack”.

Protesters gather outside Travis Scott’s home

A journalist covering the incident Brian Entin, who was covering the tragedy Brian Entin – took a photograph of the woman in front of the home. He also said that he was convinced that the rapper was not there that day.

She spoke with reporters when cameras arrived to talk to her on her protest against Scott however, she declined to provide her personal information. “It was a variety of levels of failure from the people who organized the event, artists, officials” according to the woman.

She went on to say, “Local city ordinances and permits were clearly not followed and safety procedures were not followed when the incident was declared to be a mass casualty event. This is why that I’m in this situation. “

Travis Scott’s safety is at risk on the property. He remained only a few feet from the protest, which was attended by fans and cars who stopped to honk their hooves. However the woman determined to prove her point and ensured the new cameras had the video of her protest she wanted to capture.

Protester: I believe these parties should be bankrupt

“I believe these companies ought to go insolvent,” she said, in reference to the names that were that were on the sign. She added: “I haven’t seen any apology from anyone involved. I understand that they’re probably not very high-profile to legal reasons However, this was a huge loss of life and limbs for the sake of a gig. . It was also completely preventable.

As we previously reported, Travis Scott is heating up for not stopping his show earlier in order to keep the hordes of fans from trying to bring him to the spotlight. A number of videos have surfaced that which allegedly show Scott acknowledging there’s an issue with the crowd, yet continuing to entertain.

The rapper’s spokesperson dispels the claim and explains that Travis isn’t responsible in the event of a concert being shut down as it is the responsibility of the producer of the show. The rapper also claims that he didn’t know about the severity of the situation that arose.

Travis Scott faces multiple lawsuits for “Astroworld” festival


Many of the victims of the tragic incident, as well as their families, has filed suit against rapper as well as the venue, alleging that they are accountable for the injuries and deaths of the spectators. There is, of course, insurance in this kind of event, but it’s not enough to cover huge amount of lawsuits.

The death investigation is in progress.

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