At least two people have died in the Netherlands after a man reportedly started shooting passers-by with a crossbow from his balcony.

Police in the eastern province of Overijssel confirmed that two people died and a third was injured in the incident in the town of Almelo.

An investigation into the deaths has been opened, but videos circulating online appear to show a shirtless man shooting in the street with a crossbow from the balcony of his apartment.

Unconfirmed information from local media suggests armed police intervened and shot a suspect and a body was found inside the house.

Earlier on Friday morning, police tweeted about a situation involving armed officers in Almelo and warned the public not to approach.

It is not known exactly how the two victims died, with some reports suggesting they were stabbed rather than shot by a crossbow.

Police confirmed later in the morning that a third person was injured and a suspect was also arrested by officers at the scene.

A “GRIP-3” emergency was also declared, which allows emergency services to work more closely together to respond to the incident and indicates that there was a threat to the general population.

Amazing Almelo videos shared online appear to show a man standing on a second floor balcony in his underwear, shooting a large crossbow across the street.

What sounds like a gunshot can also be heard and the man then returns inside his apartment. Photos of the scene also uploaded arrows showing arrows lying on the road and police marking them with cones and duct tape.

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