Creativity is the spice of life, and for many women, it is also the spice of their sex life. Even if you are a fairly sexually active person, some memories will be far from memorable, while others, such as most creative sex you have ever had, will remain forever etched in your memory.

When it comes to creative sex, everyone has a different idea of ​​what it looks like, which is sort of the best part! Whether spice things up in the bedroom means planning a long lasting fantasy or being spontaneous and saying “Why not?” When the opportunity arises, there are no wrong answers, and no shame in sex play. Creative sex can be seriously epic and stay with you forever in your fantasy bank. Perhaps the most inventive sex you’ve ever had happened last week or several years ago. Whenever it did, you might have had to think on your feet (or back) to pull off such an adventurous connection.

If you start remember your previous sexual adventures, there is probably at least one that comes to mind that is a little more imaginative than the others. But if you can’t think of one, no worries, as I spoke to eight women, who gave me all the details about the most creative sex they’ve ever had.

We have mastered car sex. Like, we regularly pull out a random quickie. It’s fun even trying to find a place to park and then get dressed really quickly and walk away like nothing has happened. You will also learn some positions that you can only accomplish in the car!

– Émilie, 30 years old

My husband bought me a realistic dildo so that I could experience double penetration.

– Alisha, 29 years old

As you wish

One of our favorite and most adventurous places to have sex is on our boat! In a secluded cove of course. I miss this balmy summer right now!

– Sammie, 30 years old

No prudes at this pool party

Myself and four other girls at a night time pool party floating on a huge pool float, all enjoying the carefree lady bits while the rest of the party watched.

– Steph, 28 years old

We were on the lake in two separate kayaks and came back to this little cove. There was an old dilapidated barge and we paddled up to it. I tied my kayak to the barge, hopped on his kayak, and we had a quickie (with lots of wobbly near-slips) pushed against that old barge.

– Kala, 26 years old

Due to our busy schedules, we can usually only make time to have sex at his house (usually in bed), but we still have really amazing sex. And I think the reason it always stays good is that we never orgasm the same way more than once in a row. We kind of challenge ourselves to find different ways to make each other cum (toys, different positions, etc.). Our gender is always different, even if the location rarely changes.

– Madeline, 24 years old

I had sex in a public stunt in Croatia. We sneakily went to the side where there were less people. Things were heating up. He was behind me when I saw someone pointing through the bushes. I panicked and swam. I left the poor guy hanged!

– Jenna, 27

I had sex on a speedboat in the middle of the night. A coast guard grabbed us, took our clothes, then demanded that we come out. I had to go home in a bra and thong.

– Dionne, 20 years old

With creative sex, spontaneity seems to be the name of the game. Perhaps your most innovative nookie has been putting it in water or in a public place. Or maybe it happened in bed with adventurous toys or new ideas. Either way, creative sex is all kinds of fun, especially when it comes to getting off the beaten track (or out of bed). Have a good brainstorming!

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