Sara Gamache is a avid archery enthusiast and archery competitor living in Seattle. She has flown Alaska Airlines her entire life. But not more.

On June 24, Gamache was removed from a flight from Seattle to Denver because she boarded the jet wearing a mask with the word “Trump 2020” on it.

Flight attendants told Gamache to remove the mask and wear a regular mask, an order she complied with since she had a black mask in her purse.

But then, without an explanation, the attendants returned to her row, told her that she should get off the plane, and her husband too.

Sara Gamache said she was bullied by Alaska Airlines because of her Trump mask.

Must read Alaska spoke with Gamache to confirm his story and we contacted Alaska Airlines, but received no response.

Gamache said what she experienced that day was the intimidation of flight attendants. In her Instagram post about the event, and confirmed in an interview with her, she said she was asked to remove her Trump mask because it was against the “policy” of the business regarding blasphemy.

“To avoid any conflict or further delay the flight, I immediately complied and changed the Trump mask to a solid black mask (which you see in the video). However, they came back to my seat 5 minutes later saying I was getting kicked out anyway because the mask I was originally wearing made people uncomfortable, ”Gamache wrote.

She said she had worn the mask on at least six previous Alaska Airlines flights. Gamache, who was on his way to an archery competition in Colorado, demanded to see the policy, but flight attendants refused to provide it and said the plane had to take off, so it had to leave.

As she got off the plane, a number of people in the back of the plane shouted curses at her, cursed at her and a flight attendant laughed at her: “What? How does it feel to be humiliated? … The fact that the back of the plane is applauding that you get kicked out.

“The worst part is that they fired my husband. He’s a military man on active duty, so he couldn’t say anything and didn’t say a word the whole time. It had no implication, but was also unfairly removed, ”Gamache wrote. Her husband is a member of the army’s special forces and cannot carry any political message; he hadn’t said a word during the whole episode. Gamache said no matter what the flight attendants thought of her mask, they didn’t have a call to remove her husband.

“The good news is that I document everything and have pictures of myself wearing this EXACT same mask on other Alaska Airlines flights and there have been no issues proving that on this flight I I was kicked out strictly because of the beliefs of the flight attendants, ”she said. said on his Instagram post.

Sara Gamache’s Instagram account about the incident is at this link

Gamache is not finished. Through her lawyer, she requested an apology from Alaska Airlines, but received no response. She is launching a website next week, saying it will be a place where other people can share their stories about Alaska Airlines handling passengers. She also received a permit to protest outside their headquarters and plans to do so.

As for his trip to the archery competition, Gamache decided not to board an Alaska Airlines jet. She took the southwest instead.

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